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Creative Furniture

If you have an old piece of furniture, that just doesn’t fit your style any more or isn’t being used, don’t throw it out! Old furniture that is laying around the house, or that you find for an incredible price at a thrift shop, can be refinished, repurposed and turned into something entirely new.70-687

All it takes is a little creativity to find a new use for something old. Here are 10 great ideas to help you get your creative juices flowing.

Turn Wood Crates into a Coffee Table with Display Space

Old wooden crates or antique soda boxes make the perfect coffee table and display case. Turn the crates on their backs and attach legs if necessary. You can refinish the crates or boxes or leave them in their natural state for a more unique look. Then, fill the openings with books,cheapjerseyss accessories or collectables. Lay a heavy piece of glass across the top and you’re done!

Reverse Stencil a Worn Out Piece

Make any worn out piece of furniture look more modern and interesting with reverse stencilling. First, cut some patterns from paper and use painter’s tape to attach them to the piece. Then, paint over the entire piece of furniture, including the paper shapes. When the paint is completely dry, remove the shapes to reveal the old finish or natural wood. Try this with floral patterns, geometric shapes or even initials.

Transform Full Size Doors or Cabinet Doors into a Headboard

A common do-it-yourself project is to use old doors or cabinet doors for a headboard. This is a simple project. Start by sanding and refinishing the pieces and then either attach them directly to the wall or add legs to the back of the doors to prop them up behind your bed. Get creative and use antique doors, barn doors or unique cabinet doors for an interesting look.

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Give a Typewriter or Sewing Table New Life

Old typewriter and sewing tables are beautiful pieces of furniture. They usually have a wooden top held up with metal legs that form stunning curves and shapes. In the case of a sewing table, you may need to replace or fill in the hole in the tabletop that was used for the machine.

You can restore one of these pieces to return it to its original look, or you can paint it a modern colour to give it new life. These tables are perfect as end tables in a bedroom or living room and also fit well in small corners in the kitchen.

Make a Worn Out Dresser a Cubby Space for Toys

Take an old worn out dresser, remove the drawers and add slats of wood for shelves if needed. Then, paint the piece a fresh colour and slide storage containers, baskets or bins inside. You could use this piece almost anywhere, but it’s a great project for a kid’s room as it makes for the perfect place to store toys and games.

Hang a Refinished Drawer as a Shelf and Hook Rack

Remember those old drawers from the project mentioned above? Cut the back off one of them, refinish it with paint and then attach it to your wall. Add a few extra drawer pulls or knobs to the front, and you have an instant shelf with hooks for keys, coats or bags.

If you aren’t into hanging drawers on the wall, you can create a hook rack with a board and a few antique or retro knobs or hooks. Just screw them into the board and attach it to your wall. A smaller version could be used for jewellery or ties, keeping them organised in an attractive and fun way.

Add Wheels to Drawers installment loans poor credit for Under-Bed Storage

Another use for old drawers is as storage bins for under the bed. The narrow nature of drawers makes them ideal for this project, and they’ll look great from the front, giving the room more character. You can refinish the drawers or use them as is, but be sure to add casters to the bottom so you can easily push them in and out from under the bed.

This is another good project for a kids’ room, as small kids can easily pull drawers full of books, blocks or dolls out and then put them away themselves. No more messy rooms!

Make Three Chairs a Comfy Bench

An old set of wooden chairs can become a new, comfy bench. Remove the seats, sand the chairs and paint them a fun colour. Then, use a saw to cut a board to fit over all three chairs, attaching them together. Upholster the board with sturdy fabric and attach the board to the chairs. This is the perfect piece for an entryway, laundry room or porch.

Use a Shutter for a Mail Rack

Solve the problem of having piles of mail all over your kitchen table and counters with an old shutter! Just give it a coat of paint or stain and then hang it on the wall. The slots in shutters make the perfect place to slip pieces of mail, bills, cards and coupons.

Let a Chair be a Planter

You can also take old furniture out to the garden. Cut a hole in the seat of an old chair and drop a planter inside, fill it with soil and plant to your heart’s content. This would also work well on a porch or deck.

Old furniture has a certain style and feel to it that is hard to reproduce. you refinish it or re-purpose it into something new, you are combining old and new elements to create a completely custom and unique piece. Gather some tools and paint, get creative and breathe new life into something old!070-684

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