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Flower Pots

Flower pots and container gardens are in. They are the perfect way to add interest, character and colour to a garden, front porch, deck, windowsill, patio, walkway or anywhere else. But, you don’t have to stick with regular flower pots or planters. In fact, using found objects or unexpected things as flower pots adds some extra charm and interest to your garden.

While it’s cold outside, start getting ready for spring by creating flower pots out of these 10 unexpected items.

Wooden Chairs

Wooden chairs are easy to come by in thrift stores, and if you have a few extra in your garage, why not turn them into planters? This project is easy: just paint the chair and then use a saw to cut a hole, slightly smaller than a planter, into the seat of the chair. All you have to payday loans guarenteed do is drop the planter into the hole and fill it with plants. Try lining a few chairs up on your deck or porch to make a bigger statement.


With just a screwdriver and a board, you can add a back to a pallet to create cialistadalafil20mg the perfect planter with built-in dividers. You can add a coat of paint or leave the pallet in its current state for a more natural, weathered look.

Try tilting the pallet at an angle and then adding vines or herbs for a different look. If needed, you can screw a few plastic containers into the back of the pallet so that it can stand upright, creating a wall of plants. With the right plants, you could even use a few of these to create a divider on a deck or porch.


You can give an old, worn out wheelbarrow a new life by turning it into a planter. This gardening tool’s large size means you can fill it to the brim with one kind of flower or you can use several different kinds for a more colourful look. domain list By simply adding some potting soil and putting the wheelbarrow in a sunny area, you have an instant flower pot that would fit in almost any garden.

Teacups or Teapots

Teacups or teapots make adorable planters for a windowsill, outdoor table or shelf on the deck. These are ideal for smaller plants or succulents and look great in a group. You can use a matching set for a cute accent or use a variety of teacups from thrift stores for a more eclectic look.

Rubber Boots

A pair of rubber boots turned flower pots is perfect for that spot on your porch or next to the potting shed. To make these more plant friendly, use an electric drill to add a few small holes to the bottoms to allow for drainage. You’ll need to fill the entire boot up with soil, or a layer of small rocks, before you add the plants so that the boot will stand upright and won’t sag under the weight of the plants.

Vintage Containers and Jars

Vintage tins and containers make for interesting flower pots. This is another item that is easy to find at a thrift store and incredibly simple to turn into the perfect plant home. You can use a larger container for a centrepiece or on some outdoor steps, or you can group several smaller containers together on a shelf or windowsill for a collected look.

You can also use jars, as they are or decorated, for some simple flower pots. For a more put together look, tie bowes around them, paint them or use frosting spray paint. Keep an eye out for vintage jars in blue or green for a natural, found look.

Muffin Pans

With their individual containers, muffin pans loans for people on ssi are perfect for herb gardens! You can fill each opening with soil and then plant a different herb in each one. Use a large muffin pan or several grouped together to make a statement or use a smaller pan to fit in a tight corner that could use some greenery. These would be adorable in the kitchen!

Bird Cages

Why settle for normal hanging plants in pots when you can use bird cages? This look can add some beauty to a porch or deck and is easy to create. Find an old-fashioned bird cage and breathe new life into it with a can of spray paint, or leave it as is for a worn, aged look.

Then, depending on the style of the cage, you can either pour potting soil directly into the bottom of the cage, or add a shallow plastic container to the bottom. Plants that are vines or that drape to the sides look best in this kind of set up.

Old where to get a loan fast Dressers, Desks or Drawers

For a one-of-a-kind focal point and conversation piece in your garden, give a dresser or desk a makeover and turn it into a planter. Use outdoor paint and sealers to coat the piece and then prop open the drawers to use as flower pots. For a fuller look, you can arrange pots on the desktop or top of the dresser or even add the flower pot chair, as described above, to complete the look.

If you would rather not add and entire piece of furniture to your garden, just use the drawers. You can very easily screw or nail some legs into a drawer and then use it as a large planter.


A colander is also the perfect object for a more creative hanging flower pot. Look for a vintage colander with a fun shape or colour and then use light-weight chains, or rope, to hang it from a sturdy point. holes are perfect for drainage and you can even add a few of these to your deck or patio to make an attractive collection.

When it comes to using found objects for flower pots, let your imagination go wild. Just about anything can be altered or updated to make gaurantor loan room for flowers or greenery and can add interest, charm and a personal touch to your garden.

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