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Floor Decoration

When you are redoing a room or just looking for a change, have you ever considered how you can use your floor to add character to the space? We normally think of floors as purely utilitarian features, but the type of floor you have and what you do with it can actually have Cheap NFL Jerseys,Wholesale Jerseys From China Free Shipping a big impact on how a room looks and feels. Soft, textured floors make a room feel warm and comfortable, while smooth, shiny floors add a modern feel to a space. Colours are also important. Reds, browns and deep blues can make an area feel cozy, and lighter blues, yellows and greens can make a room feel cheery and open. Using your floors to add character to a room isn’t hard. In fact, by making just a few changes or installing some basic features, you can change the entire look of a room.

Lay Down Some Rugs

One of the easiest and most basic ways to dress up a floor is to lay down some rugs. You can go with the basic area rug over carpet or hardwood, or you can use rugs in more interesting ways to define spaces, separate areas and balance a room out. For example, you could use a rug in one corner of a living room to define a small home office space. Rugs are also beautiful additions to hallways and entryways, making the space feel more complete and adding interest. Look for rugs in the perfect size and shape for these smaller spaces, so you don’t overwhelm the area with a rug that is too large.

Use Paints instead of Stains on Hardwood

Hardwood floors are almost always stained, but it doesn’t have to be that way. This tip is especially handy if you have hardwood floors that aren’t in very good condition, or want to remove your carpet and work with the damaged hardwood underneath. You can use any colour you want and you can go with a fresh, finished look or distress the floor to add texture and character. Painted wood floors work especially well in kitchens, dining rooms, entryways and porches.

Add Detailed Baseboards

One quick and easy way to add interest to your floors is to add detailed baseboards to a room. This accessory will make the room feel more traditional and complete, and could even add a sense of luxury, depending on how ornate the room is. You can use baseboards that blend in with the walls and floor or you can use a contrasting colour to draw attention to them and give the room more interest. Baseboards are easy to install with a table saw and nail gun, so you can take this project on in one weekend.

Install a Tile Mosaic

Instead of sticking with boring tile floors, install a mosaic! Use different colours to create an image or a pattern that turns an ordinary bathroom, kitchen or entryway floor into a piece of art. This is another project that you can do on your own with the right tools: manual tile cutters, adhesive and grout. To buy a manual tile cutter, please visit our website:

Mix Tile cialis lilly and Hardwood

If you want to add something unexpected to a space, mix two floor styles like tile and hardwood. You could use tile in the entryway, and then let it meet the hardwood in the rest of your home. Or, you could use tile in the kitchen and then let it transition into hardwood in the dining room. You can do this with any two flooring types: carpet and hardwood or tile and carpet, for example. This look is different and unique and will add a major statement to any space.

Stencil a Pattern

Another unique way to redo old wood floors is to stencil a pattern on them. You can stencil a checkered or striped pattern across an entire room or you can add a stencilled border or a few shapes here and there, leaving some of the wood its natural colour. This look is best for spaces that are casual or that have an eclectic feel to them. It is also a charming addition to a wood porch.

Paint a Faux Rug

Painting a faux rug onto an old hardwood floor is another unexpected way to add character to a room. You could do this in the centre of the room, making a major statement, or you could do it off to the side, near a door or on a porch. This is another project that would fit right in with a casual decor style.

Add Wooden Inlay

Wooden inlays on hardwood floors can make an incredible statement. They also add a sense of tradition, class and luxury, so they are excellent in entryways or dining rooms. You can do this if you are installing a new floor or you may be able to remove some of the wood in an existing floor and then add a contrasting colour to form a design.

Make Concrete Beautiful

Concrete floors are becoming popular for homes with modern decor styles. Believe it or not, concrete can be beautiful. Concrete can be stained any colour, so keep that in mind if you are installing a new floor for your garage, porch or patio. But, if you already have a concrete floor you want to work with, you can use a finish that will add colour and depth to it and payday loans hour also make the surface more smooth and usable.

Use Stone Inside

Using stone inside is a great way to bring a sense of nature and rustic beauty into your home. You can install a tile floor that is made of stone, or you can create a floor with concrete and stones, building your own terrazzo floor or natural mosaic. would be stunning in a large bathroom or entryway, especially when paired with accents in natural colours and styles. By adding a few elements, altering an existing floor or installing a floor yourself, you can use a space we normal ignore to add feeling and an element of design to any room. Start by looking at the colours and styles in your home, using them for inspiration, and then get creative with your floors. For all your painting tools and equipment, please visit our website: