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Winter Garden

While it’s cold outside, you can take some steps to make sure your garden survives the harsh temperatures and elements so that come spring, it will be ready to be home to beautiful blossoms, bushes and trees.

The winter may not be the ideal time to add plants to your garden, tend flowers or even enjoy your garden, but these projects are easy to do and will be well worth it in the summer when your garden flourishes again.

Trim Tree Branches and Bushes

First, use brush cutters, hedge trimmers, and even a chainsaw if necessary, to trim your bushes and tree branches. Doing this will make your garden look sharp and polished during the winter, but could also save fragile plants. Heavy snow that builds up on plants and branches can actually cause them to snap and break, causing serious damage.

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Bring Fragile Plants Indoors

Fragile plants that won’t be able to survive the cold should be brought indoors. Transplant them into pots or planters and then bring them into the garage for a few days to adjust to warmer temperatures.

Then, bring them inside and care for them in a space that allows for enough light and isn’t draughty. When the weather warms up, you can take the plants outside again and add them to you garden where they will grow all summer.

Remove Dead Plants and Fallen Fruits and Vegetables

Remove dead plants from your garden so they won’t distract from other features during the winter. Now is also the perfect time to rake leaves and remove other fallen debris, including fruits and vegetables.

Dead plants and debris that piles up in your garden can attract rodents and even lead to mould, which is dangerous for your plants. Keeping your garden free of fallen debris will keep your garden healthy and make it easier to plant in the spring.

Mow the Lawn Short Before Winter Sets In

Before winter really sets in, mow the lawn so that it is short and neat. This will look better during the winter, but can also keep your lawn alive. Long grass is at risk of bending over under the pressure of snow, which will trap water on the lawn. Moist grass and soil is the perfect home for mould, which can cause significant damage to your lawn.

Lay Mulch in Flowerbeds and Around Trees

Laying mulch in your flowerbeds and around trees is another way to make your garden look sharp during the winter. Mulch will also keep the ground at a constant temperature, which is beneficial for plant life. A good layer of mulch can discourage weeds from growing in the spring, so you can have a head start on weeding for the year!

Take Care of payday loans guarenteed Evergreens

Evergreens can add much-needed colour to your garden during the winter, so take good care of them. If it has been dry during the fall, give them some extra water and even provide some deep, soaking waterings.

Protect Bark and Bushes

Bark on young or fragile plants can become loan preapproval damaged during the extreme winter weather, and most bark is attractive to deer and other animals that look for food in the snow. You can protect bark, and your plants, by wrapping trunks and branches in protective tape or using trunk protectors.

If you have small, fragile bushes in your garden, protect them from winter winds and snow drifts by wrapping them in burlap. If you don’t want to wrap the plant itself in burlap, you can drive some stakes into the ground, use burlap to create a shield that instant cash loans online no credit check surrounds each plant completely and then fill the gap with straw to insulate the plant.

Plant Bulbs

Some bulbs need to be planted during the autumn and winter months, so plan for them and plant them now. Visualise what your garden looks like during the summer, when most of the plants are in full bloom, and then choose where to add the bulbs.

Repair and Maintain Fences and Garden Features

The winter is the perfect time to repair and maintain garden fences and things like water features, stone pathways, trellises and planters. Keeping these things in good repair is important during the winter when they may be more noticeable among barren trees and plants that aren’t in bloom.

Another good reason to do this during the winter is that you can get tasks like this out of the way now so that come spring you will have plenty of time to tend to your garden and add new plants.

Store Garden Furniture

Garden furniture can suffer from cold, snow and wind just as much as plants can. Keep your furniture looking its best by covering or storing it during the winter. simple step can make a big difference, and when you bring it out again in the spring, it will look its best, adding to your garden.

Use these tips this winter to make sure your garden survives the cold weather and is ready to take on new plants and floral life and thrive all summer. To browse HSS Sales’ extensive collection of tools and equipment, please visit our website: